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Natural Ways To Make Face Skin White

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Natural Ways To Make Face Skin White

Self-tanning lotions are the easiest way to make pale skin look tanned. But be careful: Especially with fair skin you can see it immediately if the self-tanner has been applied unevenly.

To avoid streaks and edges on the skin, we recommend the following tip: Never apply the tanning lotion undiluted, but always diluted with a few drops of moisturizing cream on your skin. This not only allows the whole thing to be distributed more evenly, but also tans sallow skin little by little. This look looks much more natural on fair skin types.

Sunny Contouring For Light Skin Is One Of The Natural  Ways To Make Face Skin White

Make-up that is too dark and self-tanner that is too strong can tan the skin quickly, but it does not necessarily make it look beautiful. The problem: A natural sun complexion is never perfectly even, but emphasizes some parts of the face more than others. In particular, the regions that are almost horizontal to the sun (forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbones and center of the chin) get more color than others.

This effect can be skilfully reproduced through targeted and appropriate contouring. Simply dab some dark concealer or tanning powder on the above areas of skin, blend well and look like you just got back from a beach vacation.

Hyaluronic Acid Is One Of The Natural  Ways To Make Face Skin White

It is a expected component of the skin. As an ingredient in skin care, it has been proven to bind up to a thousand times its own weight in moisture. It is therefore perfect for moisturizing very dry skin (and can also help with dehydrated skin).

Bleaching The Skin With A Cream Is One Of The Natural  Ways To Make Face Skin White

There is a cream that can be used to lighten the skin. This cream contains the three active ingredients: tretinoin, hydroquinone and hydrocortisone.

This combination of active ingredients is intended to prevent the pigment-forming cells in our skin (melanocytes) from producing their melanin. Melanin gives our skin its tan and is increasingly formed after sun exposure, for example. In addition, the hydrocortisone contained in the cream alleviates inflammatory processes in the skin. Furthermore, the active ingredients should promote skin renewal. Other active ingredients are not approved in Germany for bleaching the skin because of harmful side effects.

Bleaching The Skin With Hydrogen Peroxide Is One Of The Natural  Ways To Make Face Skin Whites

Hydrogen peroxide is a highly corrosive substance. In case of skin contact there is a violent reaction in which oxygen is formed. This makes the skin appear white. You might think that would have a bleaching effect.

After some time, however, wounds become visible, which are accompanied by sharp pains. The reactions of hydrogen peroxide with the skin are cytotoxic, which simply means it kills the skin cells. It is not recommended under any circumstances to use this contaminant on your own skin.

Some home remedies to brighter your skin

Buttermilk Honey Mask

Mix three tablespoons of buttermilk with one teaspoon of honey and apply the mixture to your face. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash the honey buttermilk off your face with lukewarm water.

Using this nourishing mask once or twice a week will gently brighten your skin. The buttermilk moisturizes and cools your skin and provides your face with vitamin B2. The honey helps against pimples and gives your complexion a great glow!

Buttermilk With Turmeric Is One Of The Ways

A small pinch of turmeric in a teaspoon of buttermilk provides an intensive treatment for pigment spots, inflammation and blemishes. Turmeric has a calming, nourishing and anti-inflammatory effect – your skin becomes brighter, more well-groomed and radiantly beautiful.

BANANA BUTTERMILK CARE Is One Of The Ways To Make Face Skin Whites

Mash half a banana and mix with a tablespoon of buttermilk. Apply the mask thickly to your face and leave it on for 10 minutes.

Afterward, skim off the excess buttermilk and banana mixture, but do not rinse with water. This allows the valuable ingredients to work longer. Apply your normal skin cream and experience the beneficial care!