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Face Before and After Weight Loss

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Incredible Before and After Photos Reveal How Weight loss Changes your Face

Face Before and After Weight Loss, Not long ago, humans had to hunt or grow food, as there were no supermarkets or ready meals. If we hadn’t had the urge to fill our bellies when food was plentiful, half of us wouldn’t have survived natural selection. So it’s only natural to maintain a healthy weight or put on a few pounds if given a chance remains deeply ingrained in our DNR.

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Often The Most Challenging part of the Body Transformation Journey is the Beginning,

so we’ve compiled an inspiring list highlighting how people change when they’re on the right path. From saying goodbye double chin to bringing back that spark of confidence in your eyes, these folks in their before and after photos are reaping the benefits of hard work. There’s an alternative way, such as creating videos instead of after photos. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly urge to break a sweat after seeing her extreme weight loss makeovers. Hopefully, it will serve as inspiration because if so many people could do it, so can you!

How does weight loss Affect the Face?

When you lose weight, you inevitably lose some fat, including the naturally occurring fat in your face and neck. And when that happens, the volume of the face and neck decreases, says Nina Desai, M.D., a dermatologist in Manhattan Beach, CA. That creates skin laxity (derma speaks of sagging) and folds.

When You Lose Fat,

you also lose collagen, the scaffolding within the skin that keeps it firm and smooth. Your skin naturally loses collagen due to age (consider that a worthy trade-off for another birthday), so combine that with weight loss, and it’s no surprise to see more sagging, wrinkled skin.

What’s surprising is that it doesn’t take a dramatic 100-pound weight loss to experience sagging skin after weight loss. Skin laxity can change after losing about 30 pounds, says Desai. “If you notice changes in larger body areas, such as arms, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, you may also experience that change in the face.”

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Home Ways to Treat Skin Changes After Weight Loss

Creating a self-care ritual is integral to any wellness journey, and skincare counts as self-care. And by choosing a strategic regimen with specific ingredients, you can help offset the impact of loose skin after weight loss.

Step 1: Start with Sunscreen

But, being super diligent when applying (and then reapplying) sunscreen is the number one skincare rule. “Your sunscreen protects you from the most common cause of premature aging, UV rays,” says Desai. “It is the most important topical agent you can use to improve the quality of your skin.”

Step 2 – Adjust your Skin Care Products

Look for products that contain the antioxidants Vitamins C and E, Desai suggests. “Vitamin C protects the skin from free radical damage (which breaks down collagen) while promoting collagen synthesis.” Similarly, vitamin E helps increase collagen production and defend the skin against future damage.

A dermatologist-recommended product to try is the RoC Vitamin C + Retinol AM/PM Kit. To be used in the morning after cleansing, Revive & Glow Serum and Revive & Glow Gel-Cream contains Vitamin C and have been shown to give 100% of women brighter, smoother skin in just four weeks.

Step 3: Add Retinoids

Retinoids, the umbrella term for over-the-counter retinol products and prescription retinoids, are considered the gold standard for anti-aging due to their ability to accelerate skin cell turnover and regulate the production of collagen to firm the skin.

Because retinoids can dry out and irritate the skin, it’s best to integrate this ingredient slowly into your skincare routine (every other day at first, for example). You can find retinol products in the Ro C Vitamin C + Retinol AM/PM Kit. Line Smoothing Night Serum capsules and Line Smoothing Max Hydration Cream work together to accelerate the removal of old, dull skin cells and reveal fresh, new ones. Apply them both at night after washing your face.


When you lose weight, you inevitably lose some fat, including that which naturally occurs in your face and neck. And when that happens, volume in your face and neck decreases, says Nina Desai, M.D., a dermatologist in Manhattan Beach, CA. That creates skin laxity (derma speak for sagging) and folds.

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