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How Do I Get Started With Yoga?

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Yoga– A special warm-up training, in which the circulation and pulse are stimulate, is not necessary with yoga. However, it is beneficial to do light mobilization exercises, such as shoulder circles, loosening ankles and wrists, or starting with a simple sun salutation variation. In addition, it has the advantage of mentally withdrawing from everyday life and drawing attention to the conscious perception of the body.

Yoga is not a competitive sport, so personal ambition should not exceed physical limits. However, with unrealistically high goals and insufficient professional guidance, back and joint problems can arise, which are atypical for yo ga. On the contrary, yo ga can relieve sore muscles or chronic musculoskeletal pain if done correctly.

Depending on the type of complaints, yo ga can already have a positive effect if you do it once a week. Ideally, however, you’ll do the exercises 3 to 4 times a week and learn a program that you can practice by yourself at home.

Positive Effects Of Yoga On Health

Yoga has countless positive sides, in general it affects the body and mind









Classic Yoga Consists Of 5 Elements:

  • Physical exercises (asanas)
  • Breathing exercises (Pranayama)
  • Nutritional Recommendations
  • Inner reflection and concentration (meditation)
  • Relaxation

The Asanas Can Generally Be Divided Into:

Straightening and backward bending asanas (e.g. variations of the warrior “Virabhadrasana” or the bridge “Sethu Bandhasana”)

Forward bending asanas (e.g. seated forward bend “Paschimottanasana” or downward facing dog “Adho Mukha Svanasana”)

Twisting pose asanas (e.g. the lying twist “Jathara Parivritti” or the half twist “Ardha Matsyendrasana”)

Balance asanas (e.g. the dancer, “Natarajasana”)

Standing asanas (e.g. the tree, “Vrikshasana”)

Sitting postures (e.g. meditation posture, “Siddhasana”

physical point of view it can be said that there are no “miracle asanas” that work on their own. Still, only the sequence of different positions and postures, with control over breathing and concentration on consciousness, can explain the special effect of yoga . However, yoga programs can be tailor to individual needs and specific focus areas can  set.

Benefits Of Yoga

1. Yoga Can Be Skilful At Any Time

Yoga always works. And ubiquitously. In the morning as part of the monotonous. noon in the park. In the sunset in bed before going to bed. Contingent on the time of day, it affects our body and mind differently.

2. Anyone Can Do Yoga

It doesn’t matter how old you are. Whether woman or man or child. Pregnant women can also practice yoga. It is vital to take upkeep of your own body. This means recognizing and respecting boundaries.

But that’s what yoga is all about: love and connection with your body. Awareness of how far you can go. And to pay attention to which asanas are good for you. And what you’d rather leave.

3. There Is Somewhat For Everybody

Yoga is for fitness junkies. Just as for folks who are looking for inner peace and balance. The many different styles and mixed forms enable everyone to choose what they like.

4. You Lone Need One Mat For The Faultless Flow

You can practice yoga without help. We endorse a mat and some space. If you already have some knowledge, you can use yo ga blocks. In this way, certain positions can be perform better.

Yes, pillows or books are also sufficient alternatives. And in code you don’t even need a mat. There is an option to practice it on a SUP board or in your bed. That depends entirely on your taste. 🙂

5. Fit From Hair Tips To Toe

What does yoga do for the figure? First, yo ga triggers the muscles, tendons and ligaments throughout the body. As a result, many muscles are trained and built up.

Of course, you can also concentrate on certain muscle groups or body areas.