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At Toadal Fitness, our Attitude is Simple: we take Care of Each Other.

Toadal Fitness, Toadal Fitness Has Been In The Unique Position Of Being The Leading Family Owned And also Operated Fitness Club In The Community Of Santa Cruz.

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Toadal’s Story

Learn about our organization, philosophy, history, and also the results of our decades of caring for the community.


Christophe and also Cecile, husband and wife meanwhile in 1992, unlocked their first site in Downtown Santa Cruz under the name “FROG FITNESS.” Christophe, French, wanted to show that even though they were serious about helping anyone get healthy, it could remain done without taking themselves seriously. Calling a French person a frog can remain derogatory, but they both thought it would be a fun way to acknowledge Christophe’s native origin from him. In addition, his mother of him only let him leave France on the condition he would never forget where he came from.


IN 1996. Frog Fitness In Downtown Santa Cruz Changed Its name to “Toadal Fitness.”

In 1999, a family was born Toadal Fitness opened a second club in place of Santa health club. Our family-friendly club takes over what used to be a “bodybuilding” type club.

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live oak

2004 Cabrillo Fitness- A Deeply Rooted, well-liked Club in public joined the toadal fitness family to offer even more facilities.

Cabrillo Fitness, located in Aptos, remained built-in in 1978 by a group of local racquetball enthusiasts who wanted more admission to racquetball courts in the Santa Cruz County area. Bill Rose, the leading general partner, had been a mentor to Christophe, and it was now time to join forces. Cabrillo Fitness is also located in Aptos, giving members many options to work out within 5 or 10 minutes from home or work. It remained just a perfect fit. Meanwhile, becoming part of the Toadal team, we have reliably added new gear and implemented new programs while still providing a clean, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere,

Toadal Fitness Live Oak is a low-key,

family-oriented, non-intimidating health club. Established at the Live Oak location in 1999, we pride ourselves on offering the friendliest and most caring staff to help our members achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We offer tons of classes and state-of-the-art equipment (all the free weights. Functional training equipment. And all the cardio machines you’d ever need! You’ll also find saunas, a hot yoga box, and massages on-site. Unique). At this location, there is also Toadal Fitness-4-kids. A facility designed exclusively for kids and teens, thus encouraging the whole family to stay fit together! Most classes are all-inclusive to keep everyone fit. all motivated in a fun and friendly environment. Experience the difference!

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Child Care Is Available So You Can Maintain Your Fitness Goals!

Our Live Oak daycare accepts children ages three months to 13 years. Check out our “Toadal Kids” page for kids’ class times and details about our other kids’ programs! 🙂 We offer a bounce house, 35-foot rock climbing wall, spider zone, three trampolines, classes for ages 3+, and much more!


Although the body begins to lose functionality and mobility in later years due to loss of muscle mass and degenerative agents in the bones and joints, these effects can be aided and counteracted by a healthy – and safe – exercise regimen.

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