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Pigment Spots- Ingredients Used , Cost And Prevention.

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Pigment Spots What Ingredients Are In A Cream Against?

Regarding lightening, certain creams have ingredients like arbutin, vitamin C, or soy. This is so important because it makes the pigment spots less noticeable. The following substances are particularly effective for lightening and are described in more detail below:

Hydroquinone is consider to be particularly effective for pigment spots. It “depigmentes” the skin, making pigment spots less visible. Hydroquinone suppresses the production of melanin (the brown pigment produced by the skin) and thereby reduces the appearance of pigments spots.

Vitamin  C  is generally known to improve the complexion. Highly concentrated ascorbic acid has been shown in studies to inhibit melanin production, which is why it is also considered effective against pigment spots, among other things.

Vitamin A acid , especially tretinoin, has a skin-rejuvenating effect. That is why it is considered a very popular ingredient in wrinkle creams. The skin structure improves, wrinkles can be reduce and pigment spots fade slightly. Retinol, also part of vitamin A, is often use in creams to combat pigmenst spots

How Much Does A Cream Against Pigment Spots Cost?

The price of an anti-pigmentation cream varies depending on the dosage of the active ingredients and their quality. Creams with a lower price consist mainly of a make-up consistency for the face, which is intend to cover the pigments spots.

Other creams  use as night or day cream and contain active ingredients that are suppose to counteract the pigmentation disorder.

Prices therefore vary between €2.99 – €60.

What Is The Best Way To Prevent Pigments Spots?

On the one hand, hyperpigmentation results from staying unconcerned in the sun’s intense rays. Because when the sun’s rays hit the skin, melancytes form the skin pigment melanin, and if too much of it is produce in one place, the pigments spot appear.

Due to not using the necessary protection against the sun, more and more people are suffering from unwanted pigment disorders.

It is therefore recommend to protect yourself with sunscreen when the sun is too hot and to avoid solariums if possible. The sunscreen’s sun protection factor should be at least 30 and the intense midday sun should  avoid.

Other points shall also be note:

Favor protective clothing outdoors (dark, black clothing is particularly protective)

wear any type of head protection

Young children in particular should avoid strong sunlight

Reduce peelings for the skin (due to the temporarily thinner skin layer, the spots can develop faster