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Menhera Fashion –  Definition, History And More

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Menhera Fashion: Who doesn’t like fashion, and when it comes to new trends, everyone wants to follow them. So here is the new trend called menhera fashion. It is from japenese slang word and means mental health.

Menhera is a Japanese word meaning mental health, and fashion style are related to the term. It’s part of a counterculture movement to end the stigma of mental illness in Japan.

Menhera fashion is a sickly-sweet style full of sweet pastels and sombre elements. The style includes many hospital and sickness themes. Menhera is also occasionally referred to as a substyle of Yami kawaii. It was made famous by the artist Bisuko Ezaki with his character Menhera-Chan.

Menhera fashion is a style like no other. It has some elements you might expect from a Japanese style, but it’s extraordinarily unique due to the darker themes and insanity aspect.

Menhera is design to confront those around you with the reality that some people struggle with mental illness. Some find fashion uncomfortable to look at because it deals with such heavy subjects. The stigma surrounding mental health produces a sense of fascination when it comes to the style.

History Of The Menhera Fahsion

Menhera was first formed and discussed on a 2 channel board. The style was discuss and the vent graphic was post on the board. Fashion style was create in the style of art and later became a style to wear. Today’s menhera fashion often features ventilation art in the coordinates of a t-shirt or sweater.

Why Is It Call Menhera?

Again, Menhera is a Japanese slang term meaning mental health. He was born into a community of people who have mental health issues and need a safe way to express those feelings. Menhera doesn’t come from the character, Menhera-chan is titled after the subculture. Menhera is also not stated to as menhera kei like other kawaii fashions. The adding of kei at the end creates an othering that doesn’t help the already heavily stigmatized community.

How To Dress Menhera Fashion?

The part I personally admire about Menhera is the lack of rigid rules. Sure, there are motifs to hold on to when creating a menhera-style coordinate, but there’s a lot more freedom than styles like lolita or fairy Kei. The aspect of mental health, which has already  mention several times, is the most vital. Without the elements of mental health a organize, it might just end up as yami kawaii, a kawaii fashion style full of cute stitches with darker themes. At Menhera, the focus is on mental health.

Essentially, Menhera is about your well-being and about starting a conversation about mental health challenges. Pieces related to mental health issues or medical motives can transform an outfit from Yume or Yami kawaii to Menhera. Some common ways to integrate menhera into coordinates that I’ve seen are:

Necklace  That Has Mehera Motifs

A syringe with glitter inside is a mutual accessory. Pastel razor blade is another thing I’ve seen on menhera necklaces. Pills or pill jugs are also often find on Menhera accessories, often make of resin or clay.

Pinns And Bandages Menehra Fashion

Pins and badges with Menhera art on them are very common and easy to incorporate into a coordinate. Pins used in Menhera may contain depictions of pills, band-aids, and hospital crosses. Another thing common in Menhera is provocative phrases related to mental health. Some examples are “I wanna die” or “kill you”.

VENTILATION TYPE Is One Of The Type Of Menhera Fashion

In Conclusion, Arguable vent art  most vital parts of fashion considering fashion style originated from the menhera vent art community. Vent art can be incorporate into menhera as a pin, as a graphic on a shirt, or even as a print on leggings. Menhera venting art usually not contain bleeding or issues that can trigger as Menhera was create as a way to safely deal with mental health issues.

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