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Makeup Kits Guest Post

Makeup Kit Fanatics, This One’s for You!

Hey there, beauty addicts! If you’re as obsessed with building the perfect makeup kit as I am, do I have an opportunity for you. I’m always searching for fresh voices to write about their ultimate makeup kit recommendations and inspirations for the [] blog.

Let’s be real – having the right makeup kit is everything for makeup lovers. It’s our pride and joy, our most prized possession, our collection of crucial tools and pigments that let us create magic. And I know our readers are endlessly fascinated by learning what holy grail products find their way into other beauty mavens’ kits.

Maybe you’re a total hair color who has spent years (and tons of $$$) curating the rarest, most coveted gems for your kit. Maybe you’re a working makeup artist with on-set expertise about what staple products truly perform. Or maybe you’re just a regular gal with a makeup kit so flawlessly edited, it deserves to be showcased.

Whatever your angle, if your makeup kit is the stuff of legends, I need you on my squad!

What I’m Looking For

To be considered as a guest writer, you’ll need to blow me away with:

  • An authentic, deep-rooted obsession with makeup and kits – it has to ooze from your pores!
  • Ability to write engaging posts that are informative AND entertaining
  • A unique perspective and creative flair that shines through your writing
  • Reliability – you’ve got to meet deadlines, no exceptions

In return, you’ll get major exposure for your makeup artistry and wisdom in front of a huge audience of insatiable beauty fans.

How to Pitch?

Think you’ve got what it takes? Prove it! Send me an email at [] with:

  • A few writing samples showcasing your style and makeup expertise
  • Specific makeup kit ideas/insights you’d want to cover
  • Your own makeup kit philosophy and origin story
  • Your beauty Instagram/socials for me to get a sense of your vibe

I’ll look everything over and get back to you ASAP about potentially collaborating on a guest post. Simple as that!

Join My Makeup Kit Crew

So what are you waiting for, gorgeous? If you want to share your ultimate makeup stash and musings with the world, slide into my DMs. Let’s give the makeup kit obsessives exactly what they want.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


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