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Johnny Manziel Has A Longhorn Tattoo

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Longhorn Tattoo

The big debate today? Whether or not this picture of Johnny Football with his longhorn tattoo is actually real. Welcome to the Photoshop age.

Did you have that pair in high school where you kept wondering, “How did that happen?” Where the girlfriend was just incredibly attractive and popular and the guy just, you know, wasn’t. She would go off and seduce with all the additional guys while he would just nervously wait for her to text him back. (You may not have texted in high school.)

Well, that’s basically Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M. Johnny Football really wanted to be a longhorn and he’s not ashamed to show it. Last month he drove to the state capital for a concert (on a Tuesday during the school week because Manziel has no commitments). He was invited onto the stage and immediately gave up the horns.

The SEC does not take this type of behavior lightly. Last time, Georgia fans lost their s*** when QB Aaron Murray was dotted in Tallahassee wearing a Florida State t-shirt. Other SEC schools viciously mocked him on Twitter, Facebook, and “between the hedges.” However, a small t-shirt flaw is tiny as we enter the tattoo realm.

In January, Auburn’s five-star linebacker, Rueben Foster, spurned the Tigers for Dr. Playing Saban in Tuscaloosa. The only problem was that he had a maroon tattoo covering his forearm. His tattoo earned him a lot of ridicule from the college football world and even a little dig from President Obama. He shadowed up with an apology tweet as well as a tweet explaining his future plans with the tattoo. (This tweet has since been deleted.)

Foster’s tattoo was a bit premature, but was it Manziel’s? Texas law needs a person to be eighteen years of age before they can legally get a tattoo.

Manziel turned eighteen in December 2010. Three months earlier, in September, he committed to A&M. This means Manziel made a conscious decision to have a Texas Longhorn tattooed on his body after knowing he was going to attend Texas A&M.

Did Manziel expect to be a longhorn Tattoo after signing to A&M?

Did Manziel expect to be a longhorn after signing to A&M? Is he just a big Longhorn fan? Did he hide it from his father? Does he read Burnt Orange Nation? Regardless of the reason, it was certainly a questionable decision by Manziel. One thing remainders true, we love our Longhorn fans. No substance who they are or what rival they central during their Heisman campaign.

[Updates  2:53 am] – Johnny Manziel responded to the tattoo rumor by sending out this tweet. He followed it up with several childish, moronic replies to strangers in what could only be described as a Twitter meltdown.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p>WRONG tattoo..</p>- Johnny Manziel (@JManziel2) <a href=”″>

Of sequence, a sweaty, nervous A&M compliance officer called Manziel at his Cabo resort and forced him to delete some of those tweets, but I’m looking at them on my iPad from an hour ago and summarizing them as accurately as possible.


Random fan – I don’t believe you. You are a liar, you cheat.

Manziel: You suck.


Random fan fake tattoo like the fake Mercedes you were driving at the end of this ESPN segment.

Manziel- no, far from it.


Random fan – how much money did this fake tattoo cost? Did you check compliance first?

Manziel- yes man 150 pesos is a ton I hope I can afford it.


Random Fan- Ah yes, but was the shower behind the tattoo fake too?

Manziel: Tell your mom I said wassup.

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