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Living Room Chandelier Ideas

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Living Room Chandeliers That You Will Love

Living Room Chandelier Ideas, From the finishing touches to the statement pieces, we’ve searched for the best accessories for bungalows, castles, and everything.

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Carbon-based Accent

This wavy open weave basket chandelier is a beautiful update to the Ikea Simmerling pendant that has become ubiquitous in recent years (we love you, Simmerling, but it’s time to let other lamps have their time in the sun). Use a handmade piece to create contrast in rooms with right-angled furniture and sharp patterns, like the mixed plaid on these sofas.

Living Room Chandelier Ideas

Chandelier ideas for the living room are an eye-catching option. And while traditional cut glass may immediately spring to mind, there’s a world of possibilities, from classic to modern, when adding this centerpiece to a lighting scheme.

Essentially a branching light suspended from the ceiling, a chandelier can take many forms and use different combinations of materials, sizes, and shapes, making it possible to complement any living room idea with one of these ceiling lights.

1. Reflect on The Architecture Of The Room

living room with chandelier

When investing in a chandelier, it’s essential to consider how the proportions and shape will sit within your living room. In this recent project from Maddux Creative(opens in new tab), the large curvilinear windows perfectly reflect the circular light, but this happened by chance.

“The client had purchased the pair of vintage Wilhelm Lauritzen chandeliers at auction to have them in the basement of his house,” explains Scott Maddux. “Since they were refined and delicate, we convinced her they would remain better placed in this higher, more formal room. The glass chimes as you walk through space.

2. Choose A Deep Color

Living room with dark sectional walls and chandelier

Create a wealthy yet modern living room with walls painted in a rich color paired with velvet upholstery. The striking chandelier and original architectural features nod to the traditional, while the dark-toned color palette is delightfully contemporary. As for living room chandelier thoughts for a space like this, an antique ornate glass drop chandelier will take the midpoint stage against the block color creating impact without looking too dated.

3. Downsize In A Casual Room

Living room with high ceiling, sofas, and white walls with artwork

Howard Design (opens in a new tab) sourced this vintage market example for a house in the Greek islands. Artistic director James AR Koulis says, [We wanted to create a modern yet traditional family home with an excellent waterfront location]. The beautiful, unique floor tiles were the starting point for the design, and we built on this with the vintage chandelier. Local Greek fabrics and pots added color, texture, and pattern. At the same time, warm tones can remain found in the wood. This felt authentic in contradiction to the traditional whitewashed walls. Vintage dark. Furniture.

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4. Place A Lamp Shower In Some Unexpected Place

Living room with a chair, wooden floor and carpet, white walls, and a small chandelier

When planning your living room lighting, consider placing a chandelier in the corner of your living room to make a reading nook rather than droopy it from the center of the room. This quirky, unexpected touch will bring brightness to a dark corner and start a conversation starter.

5. Consider Colored Glass

Living room with couch, dining table and chairs and banquette and neutral walls

Fall in darling with Murano glass as interior designer Martin Budinski consumes. “Murano glass chandeliers create a lovely diffused light that helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere,” he says.

“I’m not normally a fan of overhead lighting, but I always make an exception for Murano chandeliers. I loved the color of this one and thought the elegance of the shape would fit flawlessly with my eclectic living room.”

When budgeting, don’t forget to comprise the cost of installing new lighting and the fixture’s price.


A simple way to determine a chandelier size is to add the dimensions of the room together in feet and then convert the answer to inches. The answer in inches should equal the diameter of the fixture. So if your room measures 10′ x 14′ the diameter of the fixture should be about 24″.
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