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Lehenga Makeup – 2024 And A Little Guide On That

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lehenga makeup are done on your big day. The day every girl awaits because she has to dress up the best in all her years and forever cherish the memories. So  today, I am here with lehenga makeup for you all

The right bridal lehenga makeup combination will help you accentuate your entire wedding look, but knowing how to strike the perfect balance is key. Here’s how you can do that.

It’s common for brides to assume they know the lehenga make up combo they want for their D-Day. But, ladies, it’s not that simple or obvious. While you may know you want to twirl in a traditional red bridal lehenga, you may be a little vague on the colour palette of the make up that complements the outfit. Your choice (or makeup artist’s) can make or break the entire look.

The time of the ceremony and the overall theme of your wedding are two important factors to consider when visiting the makeup artist, along with the outfit you choose. Makeup is the one element that keeps your overall look in place, tying together the dots that lie between each aspect, like the theme of the day, the clothes you wear, the jewellery you adorn yourself with, and so on.

What Is A Lehenga Makeup Balance?

Lehenga makeup balance is about matching the lehenga with blouse and your makeup to create the perfect bridal look. The idea is to create the look so they accentuate each other and still blend seamlessly. There are three different ways to do this:

Exact Match For Lehenga Makeup

An exact lehenga makeup match is create using the same colours as your lehenga for your makeup palette to complete the look. For example, if you wear a combination of gold and pink, your eye makeup is the same combination of gold and pink, and your lipstick and blush are also a complementary blend of the two tones. It  is a great lehenga makeups balance of bold and subtle colours. In the case of a blue lehenga, the ideal lehenga makeups balance is blue eye makeup and maybe even blue nail art.

However, the look also depends on your facial features, the type of event you are preparing for, the colours for your bridal lehenga and the other bridal accessories that you can choose to complete your look.

An earth-tone lehenga or a subtle pastel shade of a floral lehenga does not require loud makeups with lots of metallic or dark hues like red. It’s obvious that you need to use subtle blushes and nude lipstick along with a natural or near-nude eye makeup that might have defined eyeliner and kohl to make it stand out but not overdo it. The same goes for bright red or maroon lehenga makeups, where you need lighter colours on your face or the lights will make your face look dull.

Mistakes That Can Happen:

Sometimes an exact match can look “overkill”. While experimenting with the palette and going all out, it’s very important to keep the mood of the occasion – traditional or modern. Bold blue eye makeup for an intimate blue lehenga wedding might be a bit too much. However, as a bride, it is always your choice and your big day to decide what you want.

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