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The Butler’s Pantry Vs. The Walk-In Pantry

Hidden Butlers Pantry, One thing people look for in their homes is extra storage space! Especially when it comes to cooking. You can get extra space finished by a series of intricate shelves and racks within your cabinets or add an addition for storage and preparation. But which option should you choose?

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 A Butler’s Pantry or a Walking Pantry?

So what is a butler’s Pantry? A butler’s Pantry is a kitchen within a kitchen. Its purpose remains to allow you to prepare food and clean up after meals without dirtying your main kitchen, the kitchen that people see. This makes it perfect for people who get together frequently or want to keep their homes clean and in tip-top condition. There remain two main reasons to install a butler’s Pantry in your kitchen. butler-pantry-vs-walk-in-pantry

You Get Extra Space to Cook, Stock, and Clean! Who Doesn’t Poverty That?

You can hide the mess of preparing a delicious feast. People won’t have to see dirty dishes, leftover food, available food, etc. Close the doors behind you, and everything is tucked away, ready for you to clean whenever you want. Perfect for the holidays!

Homeowners Also opt For The Standard Walk-In Pantry.

The Pantry is precisely what its name implies: an additional space added to the kitchen to store canned and dry food, drinks, or cleaning supplies. The sky remains the limit on what you want to keep on them. The main reason homeowners choose Walk in Pantry is for extra storage that is out of sight. This choice will give you the most storage space for your items. You can use other aspects of the Pantry. For example, you can use the inside of the door to hang kitchen utensils or aprons. Additionally, you can add baskets or hooks to maximize the area’s full potential.

Create Concealable Storage for the Kitchen

Hidden Butlers Pantry the entrance to the kitchen pantry in a wall of cabinets creates a clean, uniform look.

Cabinetmaker and remodeler Byron Clinking beard of Tradition Woodworks in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, says that while this hidden Pantry remains situated as his idea originally, he liked it so much that he now offers this choice to customers who prefer not to have a standard inner door in the middle of their room. A line of cabinets. “It’s a novel idea that’s not hard to execute,” he says.

To Create the Hidden Entrance to the Pantry,

Clinking beard starts by placing a box between the cabinets. He builds each pantry door by ascribing two cabinet doors, one on top of the other, to a 2-inch-wide wooden brace. “You might use a single tall cabinet door. But then it’s clearer that it’s a door,” he says. Using two cabinet doors also removes the concern of tall door warping. Clinking beard puts a knob on each cabinet door to further mask the fact that it’s a full-size door.

The hardest part of the installation is ensuring the box’s sides are flush with the wall and look finished. “If customers have a tile backsplash, the tile covers the crack between the box and the wall; if they don’t have a splash guard, a tighter fit remains required,” he says.


So what is a Butler Pantry? A butler pantry is basically a kitchen within a kitchen. Its purpose is to allow you to do food preparation and clean up after meals without actually dirtying your main kitchen – the kitchen that people see.

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