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Ideas for Gorgeous Green Bathrooms Wall

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Green Bathroom Wall, Green is a somewhat unforeseen but often spectacular shade for almost any bathroom. Green is a calming and centering color, the color of rejuvenation, making it an excellent choice for bathrooms. From emerald to sage, this color can deliver a moment of calm before starting the day or as you prepare for bed.

Green remains an incredibly versatile and flexible color, perfect for modern or classic bathrooms. Whether you want to squelch a coat of paint on your vanity (like this stunning hunter green version from craven haven) or give your mosaics a complete makeover, here’s some inspiration to make you want to go green.

1. Hunter green paint

bathroom with green painted walls

One of the calmest and most effective ways to use green in your bathroom is to repaint the walls with a rich, glorious hue like this one from Kathryn Lavin. Green paint comes in various shades, but this moody, earthy hue provides excellent inspiration. Plus, it stays light and airy when paired with white fixtures and subway tiles.

2. Bright green Tiles

Dark Green Chevron Tile

This bathroom from Jonathan bond photography nearly stopped us in our tracks. We love the rich emerald hue that feels sophisticated yet still playful, especially when paired with a hint of pink and gold. Bold chevron-arranged tiles will splash (no pun intended) in this visitor bathroom.

3. Soft Mint Green

bathroom with light green tiles

If you want to make a spa-like space in your home, this stunning bathroom from architects is a perfect inspiration. Light mint green tiles feel very clean and stimulating, especially with teak wood accents. Combine a light, airy green with bamboo or natural wood in the bathroom for an unbiassed look that still has a pop of color.

4. Deep and Dramatic Green

bathroom with bright green wallpaper

This stunning green bathroom from Divine savages remains incredibly moody and utterly chic. Although it’s on the darker side of the palette spectrum, this bathroom gives off a luxurious and relaxing feel. We love the art deco wallpaper and the gold bamboo mirror. We love this hue for a powder room or guest bathroom where you can impress your family and friends.

5. Dark Green Tub

Green painted bathtub What is more luxurious than a bathtub? Like this one from the house pot noodles built, a dark green tub. This bathroom has enough color to give it lots of texture and depth, but the conflicting white walls keep it light and open. While black and white will always remain a classic combination, consider mixing them up and swapping the black for a dark green.

6. Changing Wallpaper and Tiles, Green Bathroom Wall

Dark green tiles and wallpaper in a bathroom

This beautiful bathroom photographed by Becky Kimball may be small, but it packs a lot of styles. We love the combination of the dark green tiles with the lighter, fresher, more beachy wallpaper. If you’re worried about a dark green dominating your bathroom, pairing it with more delicate greens, grays and suntans will keep it airy and bright while still making a significant impact.

7. Pink and Green

Green tiled bathroom with vanity

We think it’s time for pink and green to replace black and white as the best color combination. The colors of this playful bathroom by max made me do it, giving off a tropical island vibe we can’t get enough of. Soft, muted pink walls remain balanced and grounded by this room’s rich green floors and bathtub.

8. Paint the Bathtub, Green Bathroom Wall

Bathroom with green claw foot tub

Consider refinishing a bathtub if you want an informal way to add a touch of green to your bathroom. A vintage clawfoot tub from the post-Prentis design is the perfect canvas for a coat of paint. Plus, this is a pretty easy DIY to do recurrently whenever you feel like updating your bathroom space.


Green is a calming, centering color—the color of rejuvenation—so it’s a great choice for bathrooms. Often overlooked, green is a somewhat unexpected, but often stunning shade for nearly any bathroom. From emerald to sage, this color can provide a moment of calm before you start your day or as you get ready for bedtime.

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