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Are Cigarettes Causing Your Hair Loss?

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Cigarettes Causing Your Hair Loss: An estimated 28.3 million people currently smoke cigarettes in the United States, while an estimated 35 million male and 21 million female Americans suffer from hair loss. Cigarettes’ effects on the outer parts of the body, such as the skin and nails, are well-documented, and research has shown many links between cigarettes and hair health as well. One systematic review, which you can read here, theorizes that cigarette smoke can induce oxidative stress in the body by generating free radicals. This is said to make follicular keratinocytes—or self-regenerating human hair cells—release cytokines that inhibit hair growth. Hair loss greatly concerns Americans; a survey of over 32,000 people revealed that most 18- to 24-year-old men and women (59% and 57%, respectively) think a thinning hairline would be “frightening.” So, the earlier you stop your cigarette habit, the lower the likelihood of facing cigarette-related hair loss.

The Link Between Cigarettes And Hair Health

Before cigarette smoke toxicants go into the body, they first settle in outer areas like the hair and skin. Even ambient tobacco smoke exposure can make nicotine accumulate in the hair follicles and shaft; you can click here to read about how nicotine in the distal (root) portion of the hair is used as a biomarker for long-term nicotine exposure. As we discussed earlier, hair bulbs exposed to cigarette smoke are under oxidative stress, making them more vacuolated or hollow than usual. This leads to more damage and lowered melanin production (which gives your hair color). In an International Journal of Dermatology study, people who smoked ten or more cigarettes daily were three times more likely to develop moderate to severe alopecia. Meanwhile, twin studies published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery revealed that increased pack-years of smoking were associated with more dramatic thinning in the frontal hairline.

It’s not just hair loss that smokers need to deal with: one observational study found a higher incidence of hair graying in smokers versus non-smokers, regardless of age or gender. If you love your crowning glory and want to preserve it, think about the following steps:

Hair Loss Prevention Measures

The fastest way to ensure your hair—and the rest of your body—stays healthy and beautiful is to quit smoking. If quitting cold turkey isn’t possible, you can transition slowly to smokeless alternatives. While not risk-free, they do eliminate the damaging “smoke” component of cigarettes that affects the hair inside and out. To illustrate, LUCY nicotine pouches come in flavors that resemble your favorite tropical-scented hair products, such as mango, apple, and mint; learn more about them here. Quitters could begin with 12 mg of LUCY Mango and then move to the lower-strength LUCY Apple Ice 4 mg when ready. These nicotine pouches have an enhanced nicotine and moisture formula that delivers a powerful kick in a shorter period without needing excessively high nicotine levels. Aside from minimizing potential hair loss, here is a bonus: no more crunchy, musty, smoke-smelling hair.

Gum is another smokeless alternative to consider. Options like Johnson & Johnson’s nicotine gum, better known as Nicorette, have been studied for their efficacy in quitting smoking. The JAMA Internal Medicine study, published on this site, found that the gum resulted in a complete halt of nicotine consumption after six months, compared to 63% of those who used e-cigarettes. The sooner you can wean yourself off cigarettes and switch to alternatives, the more strands of hair you could save. For enhanced hair care during this transition period, consider making homemade masks with ingredients like avocado, coconut oil, and peppermint oil — click this link for more details. Boost these masks’ natural benefits by adopting better hair habits, such as using protective hairstyles at night, refraining from excessive heat or chemicals, and getting regular trims to promote hair growth.

You can enjoy a healthier, shinier mane by saying goodbye to cigarettes and adopting better hair habits.