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Why Cardio Fitness Is Important?

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Cardio fitness is very important because it gets the heart and circulation going and reduces stress. Also, it has many other positive effects. All the athletes of all ages do cardio to be fit. Adults who exercise regularly can avoid health issues such as cardiovascular problems and diseases, and it will slow their ageing process when it comes to senior citizens. The human body is design for endurance sports. Therefore, cardio training is important to stay healthy and functional in everyday life.

Positive Effect On The Heart And Blood Vessels Of Cardio Fitness

The most important positive effect of cardio training is the economy of heart activity. The heart adapts to the training and works more sparingly after a certain time.

It beats less frequently (lower heart rate) but simultaneously pumps more blood into the bloodstream per beat (increase in stroke volume). As a result, the heart can work better and more effectively and be protected long-term. In addition, over time, there is a reduction in blood pressure, which is particularly good for the heart and blood vessels.

After consulting their doctor, people with the first signs of high blood pressure can demonstrably and long-term lower their blood pressure through health-oriented endurance training. Cardio training can also prevent circulatory disorders, thrombosis or heart attacks, because the ratio between “bad” LDL cholesterol and “good” HDL cholesterol is positively influence by endurance training. Increased good cholesterol protects the blood vessels in the long term.

Positive Effects Of Endurance Training On The Muscles About Cardio Fitness

Regular cardio training increases the blood flow to the muscles and thus supplies them better with oxygen and nutrients.

The number of mitochondria (cell power plants) increases and the enzymes work more efficiently. As a result, the muscle energy stores increase and the entire musculature becomes more efficient.

Cardio Training Is Not Necessary For Fat Burning

Losing weight and burning fat is of course also possible without cardio training. However, cardio speeds up the fat loss process often because it allows you to burn extra calories. This will save you a lot of time and also do something for your health (more on this below).

However, cardio alone without strength training is not recommended because the body then breaks down unneeded muscles. However, muscles are real “fat burning furnaces” and are extremely important when losing weight efficiently and in large quantities.

There’s a persistent misconception that cardio on an empty stomach or right after weight training leads to more fat loss. It is true that fat oxidation is actually higher during cardio training after muscle training or when glycogen stores are empty. However, studies have shown that the same amount of fat is oxidize throughout the day, no matter when and in what state the cardio exercise is performs.

Positive Effects Of Sober Cardio Fitness

“Today I am a big fan of cardio training. It was not always like this. I now do light cardio training every morning without breakfast,” says personal trainer Simon Teichmann from Düsseldorf.

Simon is a firm believer that doing sober cardio in the morning leads to better weight loss and fat burning success. Here are 3 reasons to do morning cardio on an empty stomach:

Conclusion About  Fitness

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of a diet or just want to build muscle. Cardio training is always useful and will help you achieve your goals.

Regularly practiced cardio training, especially in the morning on an empty stomach, will help you to be healthier, support fat burning enormously and create an ideal morning routine that will give you a particularly good start to the day.