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Is Blue Peekaboo Hair Still In Style 2023?

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Blue peekaboo hair is a hair coloring technique where vibrant blue highlights or streaks are strategically placed underneath the top layer. These accents create a subtle or bold pop of color that becomes visible when the hair is moved or styled. This versatile and dynamic choice allows for experimentation with bold colors. Key characteristics of blue peekaboo hair include placement, subtle effect, and dynamic appearance. The technique can be positioned in various ways, such as framing the face, running along the sides, or scattered throughout the hair.

The name of the dyeing technique gives a pretty clear idea of ​​what it is all about. The “highlights” should be known to everyone. But what is “Peekaboo” about? The word comes from English and is a game for young children with an element of surprise. And this surprise effect is also present with Peekaboo Highlights the hair is only colored in the lower layers of the hair, so it is not necessarily visible at first glance.

Types of Blue Peekaboo Hair

  • Classic Peekaboo Highlightas
  • Face-Framing Peekaboo Highlights
  • Hidden Rainbow Peekaboo
  • Ombre Peekaboo
  • Bold Peekaboo Panels
  • Sweeping Peekaboo Highlights
  • Peekaboo Bangs
  • Peekaboo Balayage
  • Geometric Peekaboo
  • Layered Peekaboo
  • Textured Peekaboo Highlights

Who Are Peekaboo Highlights Suitable For?

What we like most about the hair coloring technique is the versatility! If you want some variety, use the fashionable highlight.

Blonde Hair:

Women with blonde hair desire peekaboo highlights in particularly bright colors. But pastel shades like pink are also great. The advantage: since the hair is already quite light, it is not necessary to bleach it before.

Brown Hair:

Light brown to dark brown hair, there’s usually no way to bleach it unless you want to dye the bottom layer of hair even darker than your natural hair color. Otherwise, our favorite for darker hair is pretty lightRed Hair: Women with naturally red hair are delightful at turning their underlayer of hair a bright red. But soft shades of brown look great too.

Black Hair:

With black hair you can generate strong contrasts or subtly elegant looks. A bright red looks just as good as a sleek dark blue or soft emerald green. Remember: your hair should always be pre-bleached, possibly even in multiple sessions.

How To Dye The Lower Hair?

The bottom layer of hair is colored using the same method as the top hair. Here we have to mention that the hair  should be bleached first before the new bright color is applied. If you are a blonde, you can easily achieve this look at home. However, if your hair is brown or black, it is best to seek the help of a good hairstylist (if you have natural hair that hasn’t been colored, you can also achieve the look at home

How Do I Get My Hair Colored?

If you want to dye your hair brightly, the first thing you need to do is get the right products. There are permanent and semi-permanent hair colors on the market. Semi-permanent hair colors last up to 3-6 washes. They are a good variant if you just want to try the look. Something you should also know is that the base for brightly coloured hair  is a light blonde. To get a good, professional result, you must first bleach your hair. Therefore, also look for a high-quality bleaching agent.

Important : If your hair is grey, have it colored by a specialist. The reason for this is that gray hair has a low percentage of red pigments, which makes it much more difficult to bleach it.

How Much Do Blue PeekaBoo Hair Highlights Cost?

To achieve the modern peek-a-boo look, we recommend that you best trust a professional. However, this has its price. Depending on whether your hair is already blond or not, the total can vary. In US, peek-a-boo highlights range from $60 to $150. The more complicated the look, the higher the price will be.

How Long Does The Blue PeekaBoo hair Look Last?

Depending on whether a semi-permanent or permanent color is used, Peek-a-Boo look has different durability. Semi-permanent colors stay in the hair for about 3 to 6 washes. The more intense the color, the longer it will last. Permanent colors have a high durability. Proper care is also an important factor here.


Blue peekaboo hair creatively adds boldness to your hairstyle without committing to an all-over color change. It allows you to express your individuality and experiment with color while maintaining versatility. Consult a professional colorist for best results and hair health.