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Beauty Types – Definition And More

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Beauty type is a relative concept. Does your type of beauty work well with the accessories you pair with it? Find out what kind of beauty you are and if you can bring out your full beauty. Maybe you’re doing something that doesn’t quite reveal everything you can. In this article, you will find out which colour palette suits your beauty, what you should pay attention to and what types of beauty are different.

Beauty Types – How To Distinguish Them?

Each beauty type is associated with a specific colour in which the person looks best. In the 1980s, the American makeup artist Carol Jackson developed a classification of beauty types in her book Color Me Beautiful. The analysis she was working on involved associating different colours with their respective seasons.

Her idea quickly gained popularity and was implemented in the world of fashion. It was mainly based on skin tone. Thanks to this, she distinguished four types of beauty: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each type has a distinctive set of traits, such as eye and hair colour, which are also considered in their analysis. Each of them also has different colours of clothes or makeup.

Spring Is One Of The

Women with spring beauty are distinguished by a very delicate and porcelain complexion, often with the addition of golden freckles. As far as hair colour is concerned, various shades of blonde dominate, but hazel or light brown hair are not excluded.

The eyes are not very intense but can be any colour. So what kind of clothes are suitable for spring? Let’s bet on pink, coral red, warm shades of brown, and crimson. In combination with floral motifs, they ensure the perfect look. Spring should avoid cold colours: black, navy blue, pure white, and dark brown. The right makeup for spring should be bright and light.

Sommer Is One Of The Beauty Types

The skin of a woman of this type is delicate, light, often of a cold, even greyish hue. Such people have problems with sunbathing because at first, they tan red. Only then does this color turn into an olive tan. Hair has a wide range of colors. From fine, light blonde to brown.

The eyes match the hair. It can be light grey, blue, green or brown. Cool colors therefore characterize the summer. For clothes choose beige, blue, gray, green and purple. Also, Stylings based on plum, raspberry or cool marine tones are best. What about makeup? Emphasize your eye and eyebrows. A light pink lipstick will look best on your lips.

Herbst Is One Of The

Autumn is a rather gloomy and inconsistent season. But it is the warmest kind of beauty! The complexion is diverse. She can be warm but also pale with freckles, which is a problem when sunbathing on summer vacations. Autumn is characterize above all by its hair colour – from warm, brown, chestnut brown to intense red. The eyes become green, even olive or brown.

The ideal makeup for a typical autumn complexion is one based on the colors characteristic of this season. For eye makeup, choose shades of gold, red, or green. And on the lips, red will look good. And what colors are best for this type of beauty in stylizations? Warm, ie red, brown and orange should have a permanent place in your wardrobe.

Winter Is One Of The Beauty Types

In conclusion, Winter is one of the most difficult types of beauty to define. So how do you know you’re a typical winter? The complexion can be either porcelain or olive. The colour of the eyes is very intense, it can be intense green or very blue. They are in perfect contrast with dark brown or black hair. Unlike other beauty types, winter can afford to wear pure white and classic black. Plum purple, burgundy or navy blue are also ideal for styling.

Compared to spring, dark makeup will be perfect here. Silver or navy blue colors of eyeliner or eyeshadow will perfectly emphasize the intense color of the iris. The basis is formed by black mascara, eyeliner and stronger.