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Tips To Be Fit

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Stretch To Be FIT

Be Fit- Stretching is a good way to end your workout, preventing muscles from shortening and providing the necessary mobility in the body. Ultimately, during the strength exercise, the muscle is told to “pull up, make an effort”. On the other hand, the muscle is suggested to “stretch up and relax”. The muscle parts that were stress in the workout or that generally make a shortened immobile impression should be stretch.

Legs And Bottom To Be Fit

When doing knee bends (squats), the following should be observe: The starting position is a hip-width stand, the upper body is upright and the feet point slightly outwards. Now slowly bend your knees. A 90° angle between the lower leg and thigh is sufficient initially. The knees should not protrude beyond the tips of your toes – the tips of your toes should be visible at all times. Finally, the body is bring up with a powerful push. The weight is shift to the heels and the pelvis pushed forward slightly.

Back And Abdomen

The next exercise resembles a  Superman  or a  Superwoman . It is perform lying flat on the stomach. Raise and lower your arms and legs straight to activate your back and lumbar muscles.

The  abdominal press , also  crunches called, is one of the most well-known abdominal exercises. Although the exercise engages the entire abdomen, the focus of this exercise is to activate the upper abdominal muscles. The abdominal press is perform lying on your back. The hands are next to the temples, and the head should always be carry in extension of the spine. In addition, under no circumstances should the head be pull up by the neck. The upper body is now raise and lowered, the feet are on the floor.

Dips  To Be Fit

are a great way to engage the back of your arm muscles – the triceps. All you need is a chair. The hands are place on the two outer edges of the chair – the back of the hand points forward. During this fitness exercise, only the arms make contact with the chair, so the dips are not perform while seat. By bending your arms you lower your whole body – your back is close to the chair and your shoulders as close as possible to your hands. This creates a 90° angle between the lower and upper arms. Then, using the triceps, push your own body weight up and back to the starting position.


The arms can be train with two water bottles, for example. Can be varied between 0.5 and 1 liter bottles. These are ideal for beginning  bicep curls . Hold a water bottle in both hands. The exercise is perform standing up, with your knees slightly bent and standing with your feet hip-width apart. The palms face backwards. The forearms are slowly bent close to the body. The flexion takes place in the elbow. The forearms are drawn up to the shoulders. Then lower your forearms just as slowly and in a controlled manner. As the name of the exercise suggests, the biceps are engaged and strengthened. Of course, you can also make this exercise more intense with dumbbells and barbells.

As a perfect full-body exercise are suitable Push- ups  and  planks , which require full-body tension. Push-ups can either be done with straight legs or with knees bent at the beginning. The hands are place shoulder-width apart. The elbows are vertically below the shoulders. Then the upper body is stretched and led to the ground nose first. The elbows point diagonally backwards during the dynamic up and down movement. The same starting position is assum for the forearm support. Only the forearms are now laid down. The plank is a holding exercise without a dynamic component

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