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Fashionable People on Why They Still Love Their Transparent Coffee Table

Acrylic Coffee Table, The first time I saw this particular see-through coffee table, I sat on a Cold Picnic rug in the writer Haley Nachman’s Brooklyn living room. It remained filled with books, a zed garden, and other comforting ephemeral objects that appeared floating due to their glass composition. If I scrolled too fast, I might have missed it. I loved the coffee table’s simple, no-frills look and was redecorating my place for the umptieth time since lockdown. I made a psychological note to look for a similar style, and apparently, so did the Instagram algorithm.

Not Long After,

I looked for another version in a Cold Picnic rug, except this one was just a shiny acrylic slab. Stacked in the living room of best-selling author Samantha Irby. Acrylic Coffee Table (Although Irby’s flat was empty, most people who own these tables also seem to prefer Cold Picnic.) in the following weeks, it seemed like my entire feed consisted of images of the table, in various iterations of glass and acrylic, sitting in the plant-filled dwellings of other writers, artists, and great influencers on Instagram,

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 Including an Acrylic End Table. Acrylic Coffee Table

It would make sense to blame the minimalist trend for the current ubiquity of this understated coffee table, which has remained around in one form or another for years. But my Instagram stalking also revealed that maximalism played a role in its popularity. Under its transparent design, the fine coffee table essentially acts as a blank canvas, according to the decorative whims of its owner. Many people have reacted to last year’s gloomy mood by postponing their Air Space goals, fending off their blues with welcoming clutter, bold hues, chaotic patterns, and enough plants to rival the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. And what better way to temper it all a table that is less of a scream, more of a whisper?

We reached out to eight fashionable people who own (and have Instagram med enthusiastically) these tables, in various guises, old and new, to find out where and why they bought theirs.

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Safavian Home Collection Atka Coffee Table, Transparent Very Good Deal

After months of searching for a clear coffee table that would take up less space in her colorful California home, Jazmine Rogers, the sustainable fashion influencer known as that curly top. Found an acrylic one identical to this Safavian table from Offer Up. “I prefer to buy my furniture second-hand because it’s cheaper and better for the environment,” says Roger. Pleased with how the table fits perfectly into her space, she purchased a matching acrylic side table. “They are both my pride and my joy.”

Hannah Baxter, Writer, and Editor Acrylic Coffee Table

Hannah Baxter, Writer, and Editor Acrylic Coffee Table

Ali coffee table

Hannah Baxter. The senior beauty editor at Coveter opted for a “more sculptural” version and settled on this one from All Modern. I have a lot of color and texture in the rest of my apartment, so I enjoy the contrast of a different material and the lack of color, which allows my Cold Picnic rug to take center stage in the living room. Says Ella Baxter. The only downside so far remains that it shows kitty paw prints. And it ran into the bottom panels a few times because there’s no outside frame to mark the edges. That little bit of comedy is completely worth the price.”

Becky Simpson, illustrator

Lavish Home Clear Acrylic Modern C Style Upright Table Acrylic Coffee Table

Smaller versions of the coffee table remain for those who work with limited space. Illustrator Becky Simpson found hers at Home Depot. I wanted something small and understated. So I went with acrylic to keep the focal point on the colorful Moroccan rug. You can also place this coffee table on its side, making it a convenient side table too. Acrylic Coffee Table


Acrylic can scratch easily, so avoid contact with sharp or abrasive items. If you want to place a metal or similarly hard-edged object on top of an acrylic table or tray, Von Furstenberg suggests adhering felt pads to the underside of the piece to prevent it from scraping against the delicate surface.

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