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Sweaters For Women Different Types

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Sweaters For Women- When in winter or in rainy reasons people need sweaters too and when it comes to girls they need to look their best every day hence different styles of sweaters. Here are some of the different types of sweaters.

Round Neck Is One Of The Sweaters For Women

The Pullover: if you don’t have at least three of them in your closet, you probably live textile-free. This is the most classic and simplistic collar a sweater can have.

The occasion: The more festive the occasion, the finer and simpler the sweater should be. We recommend a coarse, colourful one for all leisure activities – like the next mulled wine with friends.

Bottoms and tops: Only wear a shirt underneath if the neckline is large enough – i.e. the shirt collar is wrinkle-free. . However, our favourite remains a classic pair of jeans.

The GQ styling trick: Always wear a fresh T-shirt underneath. So you can wear the sweater two or three times at the same time. Frequent washing damages every fibre in the long run.


The Sweater: This type of sweater has a long style history thanks to its fame among other royals and tennis players who have found a particular fondness for it.

The occasion: V-necks have long been regarded as THE business jumper par excellence. In the meantime, they have also arrived in casual wear, which is where we think they belonged above all in 2020. For the office, it is healthier to use the next two categories as a guide.

Bottoms and Tops: If the neckline is low enough for a shirt collar, consider wearing one underneath as well. Combined with wool trousers, you are fit for chilly walks followed by a family meal.

The long sleeve shirt is one of the sweaters for women

A popular classic is a long-sleeved shirt. It is mostly made of simple jersey, so it is kept rather thin and is well suite as protection over a t-shirt on warm days and as a companion under the jacket on cold days. Long-sleeved shirts are already available in very small sizes and you can even buy them for premature babies.

The Sweater Is One Of The Sweaters For Women

The sweatshirt is made of a soft sweat fabric that is brushed on the inside and therefore keeps you particularly warm. There are fewer sweatshirts for newborns, but once your baby has grown a little, you can dress him up in the cozy sweaters.

The Knit Sweater Is One Of The Sweaters For Women

One of our favorite pieces is the knit sweater. Made of wool, it has almost retro charm and is still very trendy. Not only grandma likes to swing the needle, the manufacturers have long recognized that a beautiful wool sweater is a pleasure to wear.

The styling trick from GQ: loafers with thick soles. Perfect for the winter preppy look.

Hooded Pullover

The Pullover: The feel-good sweatshirt with a hood. Not only protects against wind and rain, but is also ideal for bad hair days.

The reason: 99 percent of hoodies are not suitable for the office. Unless it’s a high-fashion, minimalist example (like this one from Dior Men), which they pair tone-on-tone with leather shoes and virgin wool trousers.

Bottoms and tops: A T-shirt underneath is a must – then you always have the option of taking off a layer because of the heat. You can wear everything on top of that, except jackets: i.e. leather jackets, thin trench coats and coats or blousons.

The GQ styling trick: the fanny pack is practical for cold hands or chewing gum. Wallet, smartphone and keys stay in your pocket.

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