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Sara Al Madani Net Worth: The Journey of a Successful Entrepreneur

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Sara al madani net worth is 43.5 millio USD (Approx): Sara al Madani, who now stands up as a role model for all the women in the world, also can be called a second name for dedication and determination. If she’s standing in a top position, that is only because of her hard work. Her net worth is approximately about.

With one million dollars, she has been into multiple businesses to upgrade her life to the next level; she is a real start because she shines on her own

When it comes to her personal life and professional life, and when we go deeper into her life, we can know many stories of undiscovered braveness and identified stories of inspiration and hard work coming to her.

Sara Al Madani Net Worth

She is a 36-year-old businesswoman, fashion designer, restaurant owner, and a star in reality shows. Her tagline for the following show is: “Should be comprise a woman of two things — who and what she wants her to be,” it shouldn’t surprise anyone that she’s a serial entrepreneur and a single mother, somehow managing to do it all by herself.

Sara Al Madani About Career

She is the founder and CEO of HalaHi, which is an app where you can pay to have videos sended. To you or a loved one of yours from a famous actor or celebrity or figure that is also a partner at an investment company and is involved with her beauty which is company Kind & Co.and her own Sara Al Madani fashion design company, she’s founded and directed a number of businesses, including Social Fish which is , a marketing, branding and social media consultancy, and Proposal Cupid which is  an events company specialising in proposals, engagements and weddings and many more things

Sara Al Madani About Career

She has an honorary doctorate In Business management, leadership, and women empowerment from the University of Eton she started to earn money since when she was 15 years old , it’s all because of her father, who strongly believes that if you want something, work for it.


Coming in detail with her personal life Sara Al Madani’s father name is Abdul Wahab Al Madani. He is an engineer in the field of aerodynamics . He  is  working as a  dynamics and aeron engineer  in a company,  Asma Al Madani who is the other strong pillar of  Sara’s career is her mother mother. She gave birth to her and her two brothers  children after marriage. Asma is a retired teacher, who is now happy with her career .

Sara has two siblings who are  Hind Al Madani and Hamad Al Madani. Hind madani  works for the government in the government sector and Hamad works as an Engineer and  they are leading in their careers . As we know that Every thing in life cannot be cakewalk in the similar way Sara has managed  to stand between the thin line of maintainence of the work , life balance. She is also  mother of her son who is  Maktoum. Maktoum is  born through her first marriage. Although her married life has not been very smooth as she expected, Sara  is said to claim that it was to have learnt many things  from her past two marriages


Sara’s success in various fields, including beauty, fashion, and entertainment, has led her to become a keynote speaker and investor with multiple companies. She is also a mother of one and a former cast fellow of The Real Housewives of Dubai.

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