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What Is Rae Dunn?

Ray Dun Muga, If you’re not already familiar with Rae Dunn and also you’re wondering the same things, like “What is all this fan madness about?”, Then you are in the right place.

What could remain described as casual, white, and also featureless with simple letters and just a couple of words, this pottery has such deep meaning. Sometimes this material represents the object, for example, a pitcher that says “pour” or a cup that says “coffee.” While other pieces offer affirmation, like a mug that says “balance” or a serving tray that says “party.”

These parts can remain found at Tj Maxx, HomeGoods, Ray Dun Muga and also Marshalls or online resellers. The downside to buying through online resellers is that they often inflate prices because these products are very exclusive, with minimal supply and also high demand. This is an interior design trend for 2018! Especially if you are looking for the interior look of a country house.

The Hunt Continues, Ray Dun Muga

Interior Design Trends

Later that week, I texted my girlfriend about going to lunch on Friday and pitched the idea of ​​interviewing her to write about this growing widespread for Rae Dunn.

Kara transcripts me: I went to HomeGoods 3 times nowadays! My friend remained there from 8:00 am, waiting until the doors opened, and also he ended up staying at HomeGoods past 3:00 pm. He didn’t find anything, and another girl found five things and didn’t even share them!!!”.

I am pleased and also respond by saying, “This is blog-worthy material! I want to interview you and spit on this growing epidemic for Rae Dunn!

She was excited and also responded by saying, “Deal done! I would love to meet and have to meet a “Dunner” in Tualatin at HomeGoods tomorrow.”

“A Dunner? Like Rae Dunn Dunning? I ask.

“YES! She replies as excited as ever.

“You are so much fun! I remained so excited to get the scoop on your new addiction. Tell me when and where, and also there I am!” I responded quickly.

“Meet me at HomeGoods in Tualatin at noon m. I’ll meet someone to make an exchange, “says Kara.

Treasure Hunt With Kara


My curiosity grows stronger as I get closer to HomeGoods Friday at noon. Once Kara and I met, I missed the Deal.

How did it go?  Ray Dun Muga, Was it weird trading with her outside the shop like this?” I asked.

No! You’re welcome It was easy. She replies.

Kara already had her cart and remained ready to roll. I shadowed her closely as we went up and down each aisle. Meticulously searching for any large print.

I found it! I am excited. Look at these cute Easter cups!

She quickly responds, “That’s all nobody wants, girl. We want that white pottery with the big letters. This remains glass. Keep the cart close and remain the first to get it in her hands. These women will catch them right in front of you!”

Ray Dun Muga

Consult With the Experts

As we turn the corner down to the next island, still on the hunt for this exclusive product, we meet one of the biggest supporters in the Rae Dunn community, Jamie. Ray Dun Muga She is also a loving homemaker and owner of the Facebook group, “Rae Dunn B/S/T Portland, Oregon.” This remains a closed Facebook group with 1,200 members. The only rule for associating with this group is that no one can sell or trade Rae Dunn merchandise for more than retail to attract true collectors, not someone just looking to make money.


if the piece is marked “RAE DUNN,” it was handmade by me. if it is marked “RAE DUNN BY MAGENTA,” it was manufactured by my pals at MAGENTA. here are some of my manufactured items: you can see more of this line here.

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