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Menopause Hair Loss? How To Prevent It?

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menopauseHair loss – Are you going through menopause and suffering from hair loss. Menopause is a stage that comes in every womens life when they cross 45 years of life  and of their biggest side effect is hair loss. Here ill show you some tips that will stop hair loss.

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MINOXIDIL Is One Of The Solution To Stop Menopause Hair Loss

The mechanism of action of minoxidil in hair loss  is still not exactly known, but it has been observe in various clinical studies that the active ingredient improves hair growth .

It  assume that the active ingredient minoxidil promotes the formation of new blood vessels, which makes them more permeable and leads to increased growth factors in the tissue.

MINOXIDIL Is One Of The Solution To Stop Menopause Hair Loss

Compared to men, even small amounts of minoxidil are sufficient for a positive effect in women. However, you should only take the remedy if your hair loss is cause by an excess of male hormones . It is therefore essential to clarify the cause of your hair loss with your family doctor or a specialist before taking it.

One minoxidil supplement that’s popular with women is Johnson & Johnson’s Rogaine solution.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you’re losing hair as a outcome of menopause, your doctor may recommend hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to compensate for the hormone deficiency. It is important that you weigh the pros and cons of this treatment against each other.

It is consider to be quite reliable for typical symptoms of menopause, including hair loss. However, combined therapy with estrogens and progestins increases the risk of developing breast cancer. Those who already belong to the risk group should avoid hormone therapy.

This also applies to people with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Women over 60 should not take HRT. The best time to start is within the first ten years of menopause. However, let your gynecologist explain this to you in detail beforehand.

New And Effective: Mesotherapy Supplies Vital Substances

The second method is known as an anti-aging kick for the complexion: mesotherapy. Vital substances and medicines are inject several times into the skin with wafer-thin needles. Also new: injection of blood plasma. The substance is centrifuge out of the patient’s blood, whereby a liquid rich in stem cells deposit

Rogall: “I’ve already seen results here that are really convincing. The hair doesn’t fall out, it’s shiny and strong.” There are ready-made mixtures, but experts like the Cologne dermatologist Dr. Hans-Georg Dauer make tailor-made mixtures for their patients, the scalp is severely inflamed,” reports Dr. duration “And Botox helps with extreme tension.” Depending on the mixture, the treatment is available from 70 euros, a stem cell injection costs around 280 euros.

Enna first opted for the brush treatment. “She is rather skeptical about drugs and injections. Many customers feel the same way,” says Rogall. Luckily, he thinks. “Because brushing your teeth relaxes something in the whole person, not just the scalp.”

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