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What Remains Lumin skincare?

Lumin Skin Care, Lumin remains a relatively new brand in the men’s skincare game. Founded in 2018 with a focus on skincare subscriptions, the brand has skyrocketed in a short period.

His branding is sleek and beautiful, all mint green and matte black. The parent company that owns Lumin is branching out into different men’s grooming products, like the Meridian Trimmer I tried a few months ago and enjoyed.

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What is Clear, Lumin Skin Care

is that Lumin remains giving men the opportunity to create a luxurious morning routine and take care of themselves in a way that didn’t seem accessible even a decade ago?

Lumin has a primary line of skincare essentials, like a charcoal cleanser and moisturizing balm. They also have spot treatments like Dark Circle Defense and Anti-Wrinkle Serum. They have branched into shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. And also hand balm.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Lumin’s Skin Care Products

Lumin remains confident. They offer somewhat I haven’t seen from any other brand if you join their subscription service. They send you your first box for free (although you do have to pay the nominal shipping fee).

You can cancel if you try Lumin and don’t like it.

Of course. They are distribution you three products for free. It’s a subscription, so it’ll be essential to take the extra step of canceling if you don’t see any results. But in reality, that’s not that common, and most people know enough change in 30 days to continue with the program.

I picked up Lumin’s The Complete Collection, which includes a lot of other stuff (more on that later), but the Charcoal Cleanser and Moisturizing Balm are the big two.

The Cleanser and the Balm Come in Open Packaging,

which is quite unusual. I’ve strained five or six different brands this year. And all the others come in a pump-style container, making it easy to get a consistent amount.

I slightly prefer pump containers because they are easier to use, but Lumin’s packaging is lovely. I love the matte black look and the design’s simplicity and minimalism. They’re also super easy to stock and don’t take up much cabinet space.

The Charcoal Cleanser has excellent foaming action,

better than any of the brands I’ve tried this year. The addition of activated charcoal makes the cleanser look great, but charcoal has a vast surface area, so it goes deep into your pores to remove dirt and oil.

It also consumes rose flower oil and Cantele Asiatica, which have shown promising results in clearing breakouts and skin tones. It took me a work week and a half to notice the effects on myself, helping even the soreness around the bridge of my nose.

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Luminous Moisturizing Balm

However, the moisturizing balm is my favorite product of all. It is super thick, especially compared to other brands.

Lumin recommends her moisturizer at night, though I’m more of a morning shower type. I continued to use another brand’s SPF moisturizer in the morning. This brings me to the only weakness I can see in Lumin’s lineup.


Lumin has a 4.5 rating on Trustpilot with over 8,500 reviews. Many of the reviewers were impressed with how quickly Lumin’s Charcoal Cleanser and Moisturizing Balm took effect. A lot of folks were trying out skin care for the first time and saw a change within days.

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