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Health Management

Dr Rosenthal, you played a key role in developing the new bachelor’s and master’s degrees in “Health Management”. Is there a special societal need for “health management”?

Health is a mega trend – and many regional and national studies prove it; the health economy in Germany is a growth market. Moreover, the importance of health is changing; for example, health is becoming an increasingly important issue in old age.

This results in new and challenging management tasks or interface positions in addition to the classic functions in healthcare companies (e.g. management tasks in hospitals). You will find these, for example, in integrated care, in case of management or medical care centres.

What Can I Do With The Bachelor’s Degree In Health Management?

The application-oriented bachelor’s degree in health management is an undergraduate course leading to the degree “Bachelor of Arts”. With this degree in my pocket, I can work in healthcare or do a master’s. Bachelor graduates can take on operational management tasks in healthcare and control complex processes.

They plan, coordinate and support, for example, health projects or health initiatives. They work at the lower or middle management level in health organizations such as hospitals, health insurance companies, nursing homes or sports clubs.

The bachelor’s degree is aimed at professionals who have completed health-related training and people without health-related training. Here, too, the healthcare industry offers numerous career prospects. Since it is a distance learning course, it can also be easily combined with work and family life.

What Is Taught At DIPLOMA University?

The bachelor’s degree teaches the basics of business administration, health sciences and the health system. In addition, you acquire management and leadership skills. In the course, we deal with special aspects of health management, such as B. Healthcare Case Management.

The bachelor’s degree in health management at the Diploma Hochschule has a special profile thanks to the three elective modules, sports management, pharmaceutical management and company health management, from which the students choose.

I also expect an intensive learning effect from the two-day future workshop based on the method of the futurologists Robert Jungk, Rüdiger Lutz and Norbert R. Müllert. This is about the creative and systematic search for new ideas and solutions.

Now For The Health Management Master’s Program – What Can I Do With This Degree?

The application-oriented master’s degree in health management is a consecutive course leading to the degree of “Master of Arts”, i.e. I have previously studied the bachelor’s degree mentioned or a comparable or similar degree.

With the master’s degree, I qualify for higher or upper management positions in healthcare organizations. Our healthcare industry is growing; treatment methods are becoming more complex, and facilities are merging – in short: more and more specialists need or these complex, often strategically oriented management tasks.

What Do I Learn, And What Does My Profile Look Like?

The master’s program deepens aspects of the health system, e.g. health economics, management, and leadership. In many institutions, team leadership, project management, leadership ethics and value management are important topics – and that’s exactly what we teach the skills for.

Health management is a confusing term. But what is it about? Therefore, knowledge and innovation management in healthcare organizations is central to us. Think of digitization – this is about future viability. Therefore, knowledge and innovation management are very important in the master’s program.

The master’s degree in health management at the DIPLOMA University creates a special profile through the two compulsory elective modules. Students can choose between managing hospitals and clinics and managing healthcare facilities and nursing services.

I am particularly looking forward to the two-day Hospital Management simulation game with the students. In the business game, we map a hospital’s processes and strategic decisions and simulate the facility’s development into a modern service company

Both Courses Are Offered As Distance Learning – What Does That Mean?

Distance learning at DIPLOMA University is organize according to the blended learning principle. We offer virtual and real Saturday seminars. You can take part in virtual lectures from anywhere via the university’s online campus or drive to selected study centres for lessons. The lectures take place on 12-14 Saturdays per semester. You then take the exams on-site at a study centre of your choice.

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