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Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Hair.

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Destroy Your Hair-

Hair is one of the beauties that are most attractive to your face. But, just imagine, to style your hair, you damage it and lose it. Here are some tips which will tell you how to avoid using things that will damage your hair.

Wash Your Hair Too Often And Dry It Too Much  Destroy Your Hair.

If you wash your hair too often, it can dry out and become brittle faster. Therefore, we recommend you only wash your hair every two to three days to avoid hair breakage.

One more thing to do: Don’t rub your hair too hard after washing it, as the harsh fabric can further damage your brittle hair. Instead, use an old t-shirt and tie it into a loose “turban.”

Hair breakage mistake : Incorrect care Destroy Your Hair.

Unsuitable care and cleaning products damage your hair because they change the pH value. This is especially true for shampoos with a positive pH and high acidity.

Here’s what you can do: Use a mild shampoo free of sulfates and chemical detergents. Investing in high-quality care products such as silicone-free shampoos with natural ingredients or multi-cures containing biotin and vitamins, for example, is better. In this way, you increase your hair’s resistance, resulting in less hair breakage.

The Wrong Pillowcase Destroy Your Hair.

When you lie dead tired in bed and snuggle up in the evening, you should ask yourself: What am I lying on? Maybe cotton sheets? Then there is already the first mistake! Because cotton absorbs moisture and your hair is automatically drier when you wake up. Better: a pillowcase made of silk or satin. That’s exactly what it doesn’t do. And protects the hair and also the skin!

Beware Of Scarves Destroy Your Hair.

Incidentally, when it gets colder again, it is particularly important to wear loose hair with the scarf carefully. This is because there is friction between the hair and the textile under and over the scarf. You quickly notice it yourself: If you wear a scarf in winter, you have the shortest hair on the underside of your head. So always ensure you don’t have any hair between your neck and the fabric. It’s best if you brush them over it. Or even easier: make a bun or a braid!

It’s From Bleach Destroy Your Hair.

If you’ve transitioned from dark to light hair, you probably know all too well the damage bleach can do to your hair.

Bleach is used to eliminate your natural hair color from each strand. To do this, it swells your hair, allowing the bleach to reach the inner part of the strand. Here it dissolves the melanin that gives pigment to your hair.

This process can leave hair dry, porous, brittle and brittle. In addition, the permanent changes in your hair structure can make it less strong and elastic.

Strict Hairstyles Like Ponytails And Buns Destroy Your Hair.

While a bun or ponytail looks pretty, it’s not always good for your hair. If you wear such hairstyles daily, you may experience a “tug” in your hair. The pressure points and the mechanical friction permanently damage the structure, ultimately leading to hair breakage.

Here’s what you can do: Always tie your hair a little looser so there’s less pressure. You should also use the right hair ties with a ponytail. Metal parts or coarse clips damage the hair, wide velvet or fabric elastics are better. Ideally, you’ll vary your hairstyles occasionally to give your hair a well-deserved “rest.”

Hair Straightening Too Smooth

Using the wrong straightening technique can make your hair look broken. You should always pull the tips in slightly. It is best to run the iron around your face in a C-shape. This is how you avoid unwanted “fly-aways”.

 Choosing The Wrong Flat Iron Size

Many women buy a large flat iron to straighten their hair as quickly as possible. However, this makes it difficult to catch baby hairs by the roots, which often become wavy. A small or medium flat iron works better for this purpose. The large straighteners are for long, heavy hair that only needs straightening in the middle and ends.

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