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carpet cleaning – Carpets are one of the most attractive things in our daily life and the most eye-catching piece of our furniture. But sometimes we happen to drop our drink or food, and then we happen to have stains on carpets, and it doesn’t look good at all, so here I am with some of the carpet cleaning tips

Salt Is One Of The Tips For Carpet Cleaning

Salt is considered the ultimate remedy for red wine stains on carpets. Put the salt on the stain immediately and let it sit. The salt absorbs the red wine and turns reddish. Then vacuum away the salt. Make sure you only treat the stain from the outside in. Otherwise, it will only spread further. If the red wine has already dried up, white wine, mineral water and vinegar water will help. Since these agents contain acid, you must first test the colour fastness of your carpet in an inconspicuous area.

The  Juice Of The Lemon  Is One Of The Tips For Carpet Cleaning

Lemon also has a bleaching effect and should, therefore, only be used on light-coloured carpets. Simply drizzle some lemon juice (you can also use the bottle) onto the stain and carefully wipe it up with a cloth.

Carpet Foam Is One Of The Tips For Carpet Cleaning

Before applying the carpet foam, the carpet must be vacuumed thoroughly to roughly remove the loose dirt. Now test the foam on an inconspicuous area. If the colour has not faded, the carpet foam is safe to use. Proceed as with the shaving foam: Spray on, work in with a brush and then simply vacuum off.

Vinegar Is One Of The Tip For Carpet Cleaning

: The acid dissolves dried-in stains particularly well. After a short exposure, gently dab it off.

The Shampoo Is One Of The Tips For Carpet Cleaning

Dissolve one tablespoon in three litres of water and work into the fabric with a soft brush. Leave it on for numerous hours and then wash it off with water and a cloth.

Mineral Water For Very Fresh Stains Is One Of The Tips For Carpet Cleaning

Horror stains such as wax, but also any food stains, are declare war! The main thing is that the soda contains a lot of carbonic acids. Clean the carpet with mineral water – this is how it works: Simply apply to the stain. Then wait 20 minutes and wipe off with a soft cloth.

Blotting Paper For Wax Stains:

Wax stains can be remove with blotting paper. Clean the carpet with blotting paper – this is how it works: Place the blotting paper on the wax stain. Then stroke it with the iron or blow dry the area. The blotting paper absorbs the wax dissolved by the heat.

Ice Cream For Chocolate Stains

As sweet as chocolate tastes, its stains are bitter. Clean the carpet yourself with ice – this is how it works: If the chocolate freezes, it can be easily broken out. PS: It also helps with chewing gum!

Universal Tip: Glass Cleaner, Gall Soap And Vinegar As Multi-Stain Killers:

Suppose nothing helps: glass cleaner or white window cleaner or the well-known gall soap! Vinegar, especially mixed with soda, also helps against stains on the carpet. Be careful with more sensitive materials because vinegar bleaches! Always try beforehand!

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