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The full movie of Bollywood film ‘Brahmastra’ is now available to watch online. The film, directed by Ayan Mukerji, stars Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, and Amitabh Bachchan. The film is filled with supernatural powers, love, and redemption. The movie is expected to be a visual treat for cinema lovers. The movie can be streamed on television or handheld devices, and fans can enjoy the power of love and the secrets of the universe. The movie promises to be an unforgettable journey, captivated by the magic of the film.

Story Line Brahmastra Full Movie Watch

In ancient India, a group of sages collided with the energy Brahm-shakti, producing celestial weapons called astras. The strongest, the Brahmāstra, can destroy the world. The sages use their astras to tame the unstable Brahmāstra and form the Brahmansh, a secret society to protect the world from astras. In present-day Mumbai, Shiva, a disc jockey, falls in love with Isha Chatterjee, a London resident visiting India for Durga Puja. Meanwhile, scientist Mohan Bhargav is attacked by Zor and Raftar for a piece of Brahmāstra he safeguards. Mohan is subdued by Junoon, who works for Dev. Mohan reveals that Anish Shetty in Varanasi protects the second piece of Brahmāstra.

Shiva, a powerful astra, has a vision of Mohan’s encounter with Junoon, who has a piece of Agneyāstra tied to her hand. Anish and Isha head to Varanasi to warn Anish, but are interrupted by Raftar. Anish defeats Raftar using the Nandi Āstra and escapes with Shiva and Isha. They learn about other astras and their parents, Dev and Amrita. Dev awakens the Brahmāstra, and Amrita’s boat is found with two broken pieces. Raghu releases the third piece from Amrita’s Mayāstra. Junoon and her army arrive at Āshram, holding everyone hostage. Shiva defeats Junoon and kills Zor.

Brahmastra Full Movie Watch Review

Brahmastra is a 3D Bollywood film with good songs, but the storyline becomes boring after an interval. The director should focus on logical and reasoning, rather than love stories, to create more enjoyable moments. The movie is ok for a one-time watch due to its visual treat and efforts.

The Vfx climax was good,  the love angle was also very nice and Nagarjun’s skill was not utilized correctly, its small thing. The film could have been longer and had more Amitabh Bachan guiding Ranbir’s character. The dialogue was  good, and the focus was mostly on “love.” Alia Bhatt was okay

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