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Blonde Highlights – 2022 Coolest Trend

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Streaks In The Hair In Front: Different Options

Blonde Highlights- Many bloggers and stars, for example, rely on two wide block strands in the front of their hair, the so-called money piece hair. But baby lights , delicate highlights in the front section, are also still trendy. With ring lighting , delicate strands are also added to the front hair. The difference to Babylights: “Here the soft accents only come into the lower two thirds of the hair,” explains master hairdresser Stefanie Gottschalk from the Pony Club Munich. “The root stays darker.” This is a very delicate version of our beloved ombré look !

What Effect Do Strands In The Front Hair Have?

No matter which of the variants you choose, they all have one thing in common: “The highlights in the front section open up the face visually and soften the look a little, without there being strong approaches when growing out,” explains Stefanie Gottschalk. “Plus, these strands can add some excitement to the look without altering the wearer too much.”

How Are Highlights In The Hair Dyed In The Front?

“There are several techniques to color the look,” says the expert. “It is best to use a combination of balayage and foiling techniques called foilyage .” For a ring lighting, she proceeds as follows: “In terms of the course, I set fine strands in the area of ​​the face, which are then adapted to the overall picture. The strands don’t have to be extremely close to the roots, a soft transition between the natural hair and the strands is much more important.” Her tip for copying: “You can also achieve strands at the front with a backcombing technique.


Blonde Highlights In Front: Beauty Editor Anna Tests The Trend

Before: This is pardon my hair looks like before the test. A variety of blonde tones, the dark approach flashes above.

First of all, master hairdresser Stefanie Gottschalk advises me on my desired look and applies a dye protection to my hair. It should avoid keratin gaps caused by bleaching. Or more simply: prevent my hair from becoming brittle.

Then it’s time to bleach: Here, stylist Stefanie uses a mixture of balayage and foil technique. Blonde strands are only worked into the front of the hair.

To create more depth, the expert dyes a few dark strands at the back of the head. This step is not necessary if you already have dark hair.

The bleaching for the blonde strands is washed out….

and then it’s straight to the cutting. I opted for a long bob that goes perfectly with the blonde highlights in the front.

To intensify the play of dark and light, Stefanie applies a brown toner including glossing to my hair. By the way: To keep the hair blonde at the front, the master hairdresser uses a trick to reduce the glossing. She pulls the tint out of her bleached hair with a towel.

After blow-drying, you can start styling with the straightening iron.

After: My hair has a lot more depth due to the change from my natural dark hair color to the blonde highlights in the front. The highlights frame my face perfectly and make the complexion look fresher.

Blonde Highlights In The Front: How Often Do You Have To Touch Up?

“Of course, that depends entirely on you,” says stylist Stefanie Gottschalk. “Anything is possible between six weeks and half a year – depending on how fresh it should be and where the brightness should be in the contour.” Her tip: “I recommend going to the hairdresser about every three months – even if you only do a little glossing refresher. It instantly restores the hair color and makes it look fresher.”


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