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Skin So Soft Original Plus Size Bath Oil

Avon skin so soft Bath oil, It’s America’s favorite bath oil and also it’s sure to be yours too. Spoil yourself with Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil, a luxurious jojoba-infused bath oil that soothes your skin and also mind with its refreshing botanical and also herbal scent. Stay radiant by using our moisturizing bath oil during your bath and shower. Take your skin from uneven and dry to soft and also smooth with Skin So Soft’s moisture-locking formula. Keep your skin hydrated for longer with the extra size bottle—25 fl. oz.


  • Luxurious bath oil leaves skin feeling incredibly soft
  • Softens dry skin without irritation
  • Contains jojoba oil
  • Fragrance of fresh herbs


Add a small quantity of oil to a full bath and also allow to disperse or apply to arms and legs, or where needed after bathing.

Uses of AVON Skin So Soft

It has long remained said that the original scent of Avon Skin So Soft repels mosquitoes. In addition, we have compiled 55 usages for Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil.

Avon has industrialized a Skin So Soft Bug Guard, which is very effective, but you can make your bug spray with the oil and also a few other simple ingredients.

Uses For Avon Skin So Soft

  • It’s a bath oil and also shower conditioner.
  • It makes countless greasepaint removers.
  • Use as a warm oil action to soften carapaces.
  • Tired muscles can take advantage of a massage. Use Skin So Lenient as a kneading oil.
  • Washes off tape scripts left from bandages.
  • Use it to clean the ink off your skin.
  • The insect is disgusting. (see underneath for the recipe at the bottom of the post)
  • Helps dismiss eagerness caused by dry skin.
  • Reduces taste itching—dab on bug bites.
  • When working on painting schemes, use SSS to remove dye from the hands.
  • Rub on dry, fractured skin (heels and elbows). Helps settle skin in 2-3 days.
  • Put 1-2 capfuls in liquid cleanser and use them as shaving cream. Pour a little into your base bath to help cream your feet though you reduce.
  • Use to eliminate chewing gum from hair, skin, and most nonporous surfaces.
  • Cleans permanent ink off stamps.
  • SSS Unique Bath Oil works GREAT on Head Lice. Soak the head and let it sit for 15 minutes (under a shower cap). Then rinse healthy—clean hair a couple of times to get the oil out.
  • It diminishes the pain of removing bandages from children’s sensitive skin.
  • Rub it around doors, windows, and screens to prevent crawling bugs.
  • Wipe on as timber cleaner and conditioner for natural wood.
  • It removes glue from price tags and labels from glass, metals, and most plastics.
  • Remove soap layer from shower doors and shower curtains.
  • Use to clean bathroom and kitchen fixtures. (make a paste with sweltering soda if it is stubborn scum)
  • It cleans ink off the most incredible vinyl and also painted surfaces.
  • It washes heavy oil and also grease from nonporous surfaces.
  • Rub on brass knick-knacks or collectibles to help keep them from turning dark.
  • Removes crayon scripts from appliances and also most painted surfaces.
  • Wash cupboards in your cleaning water to keep ants off and also out of the cabinets.
  • Use it to clean leather, keeping it soft and also supple.
  • It cleans paintbrushes effortlessly and also leaves them soft as new.
  • It eliminates gum from carpets.
  • Use it on straight rails for sliding glass doors and also windows.
  • It removes the “ring around the collar.


Helps relieve itching caused by dry skin. Reduces bite itching, dab on bug bites. When working on painting projects, use SSS to remove paint from the hands. Rub on dry, cracked skin (heels and elbows), helps heal skin in 2-3 days.

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